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Price per item includes storage for up to 4 months with free pick up and return delivery of your items. We also deliver empty boxes, tape, and labels FREE OF CHARGE!

Extra Small

  • $25 / item
  • Box <3 Cubic Feet
  • Small Fan
  • Broom/Mop
  • Skateboard
  • Mirrors – Small
  • Vacuum
  • Folding Chair
  • Folding Racks
  • Lax/hockey Stick
  • Ironing Board
  • Poster (up to 10 Rolled up)
  • Framed Art (up to 3 together)
  • Skis
  • Snowboard
  • Boot Bag
  • Anything Else < 3 Cubic Feet


  • $35 / item
  • Box 3-4 Cubic Feet
  • Carry-on Suitcase
  • Folding Table
  • Microwave
  • Lamp
  • Guitar
  • Rugs
  • TV under 30 in.
  • Metal Bed Frame
  • Anything Else < 3-3.5 Cubic Feet


  • $45 / item
  • The BoxU Box (provided free) 18″x18″x24″
  • Medium Suitcase
  • Medium Plastic Tote
  • Medium Plastic Drawers
  • TV 31″-50″
  • Small Coffee Table
  • Nightstand
  • End Table
  • Ottoman
  • Anything Else 3.5-4.5 Cubic Feet


  • $55 / item
  • Box >4.5 Cubic Feet
  • All Mini Fridges
  • Large Suitcase
  • Trunk
  • Desk Chair
  • Small Bookshelf
  • All Box Springs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Large Plastic Tote
  • Large Plastic Drawers
  • TV >51″
  • Wood Bed Frame
  • Wardrobe Box
  • Bike
  • Large Coffee Table
  • Air Conditioning Unit
  • Beanbag Chair
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Anything Else 4.5-6 Cubic Feet

Extra Large

  • $65 / item
  • Box >6 Cubic Feet
  • All Mattresses
  • Large Book Shelf
  • Desk (with no drawers)
  • Oversized Chair
  • Sectional (each piece)
  • Sleeper Sofa (billed as 2 pieces)
  • Kitchen Table
  • Large Arm Chair
  • Entertainment Center
  • Any Other Light Furniture


  • $75 / item
  • Dresser
  • Desk (with drawers)
  • Couch
  • Loveseat
  • Armoire
  • Recliner
  • Any Other Large/Heavy Furniture
all orders include free
boxes & box delivery
One of our team members will personally deliver our standard and small size boxes, tape, and labels to your door so you can pack before your pick-up date.
item pick up
Our team members will pick up your belongings from your residence for storage or shipping, tally them on our mobile app, and email you a receipt.
item delivery
Your belongings returned anytime to your new residence in the Boulder and Denver area. Free returns in May, June, August, and September, otherwise $60-$120.
$100 damage & loss coverage
Every item stored includes $100 worth of damage and loss coverage. Customers have the option to purchase more when they sign up or during item pick up.
boxU Love
Students and parents trust boxU to handle their belongings with care and always act friendly and professionally.
Great communication, great rates, totally reliable--these guys are super friendly and helpful at every step of storage. Overall, I doubt there's a better storage experience in Hyde Park. Definitely recommend.
Rebeca C.
The boxU team is simply magnificent to work with. Superb communication is just the beginning of their awesomeness. They picked up and re-delivered exactly as requested, with outstanding customer service.
Nicole P.
Terrific company for storage services! Frequent changes with dates and location were needed by us and they were extremely adaptable! My daughter's transition from college to apartment living was as easy as it could get. I highly recommend these guys!!
Diana C.
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