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With boxU You Get
And free boxes, tape, and pickup

Ship your items home for $59 per box
We offer flat-rate shipping to the continental U.S.
Boxes must be 18″x18″x24″ or smaller and be less than 50 pounds.
Boxes between 50 and 70 pounds cost $74
Includes empty box delivery, tape, and box pick up for shipping.

all orders include free
boxes & box delivery
One of our team members will personally deliver our standard and small size boxes, tape, and labels to your door so you can pack before your pick-up date.

item pick up
Our team members will pick up your belongings from your residence for storage or shipping, tally them on our mobile app, and email you a receipt.

item delivery
Have your items delivered to anywhere in the country without lugging your things to a store for shipping.

$100 damage & loss coverage
Every item stored includes $100 worth of damage and loss coverage. Customers have the option to purchase more when they sign up or during item pick up.

Don’t lug your things to the shipping centers,
Just pack.
The easiest way to get things home.